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SL.No. Department Topic
1   Botany  Fungi
    Cell Cycle & its regulation
    Kingdom System of Classification of Living Organism
    Nutrition and Reproduction in Bacteria
    Prokaryote & Eukaryote
    Structure of Bacteria
    Thallus organization in algae
2 Zoology Apoptosis Class
    Ascaris Lumbricoides
    Cell Signaling Class
    General Characteristics and Classification of Echinodermata
    Larval Forms Of Echinodermata
    Metagenesis in Obelia
    Reproduction in Protists
    Transport across membrane
3 Microbilogy Bacteriophage
    Pure Culture Techinque
4 Sanskrit Raghubansh Ek Parichay
    Sanskrit Vayakaran
5 MCA Software Engineering
    Computer Organization & Architecture
    Problem Solving & Basics of C Programming
    Software Testing
    Discrete Mathemetics - Boolean Algebra
    Principles Practices of Management
6 Chemistry Solid State
    Periodicity Of Elements
    Oxidation Reduction
    Liquid State
    Gaseous State
    Chemical Bonding
    Atomic Structure
7 Commerce Bailment
    Company Audit
    Demand and Supply
    Insolvency Accounts
    Instalment Payment System
    Mercantile Law
    Micro Economics
    Not For Profit Oragnization
    Technological Innovations Skill Development
    The Sale of Goods Act-1930
    Arithmetic Progression
    Geometric Progression
8 Economics Comparative Advantage Theory
    Indiffernece Curve Analysis
    Scarcity and Choices
    The Experience Of Growth And Development Planning
9 History Egyptian Civilization
    Harappa Civilization
    Sources of Ancient India
10 Mathematics Higher Order Derivatives & Hyberbolic Function
    Matrix of a Linear Transformation
11 Philosophy Brahman
    Charvakas Epistemology
    Charvakas Philosophy
    Introduction to Indian Philosophy
    Nyaya Philosophy
    Nyaya Philosophy 2
    Vedanta Philosophy
12 Political Science Classical Theory of Democracy
    Indian Parliament
    Nature and Scope of Political Science
    Political Culture
13 Statistics Correlation Statistics
    Introduction to Regression
14 BCA Computer Fundamental
    Learn Visual Basic 6
    Programming in C
    Computer Architecture
15 BBA Basic and Special Forms of Business Ownership
    Demand Analysis
    Entrepreneurial Development
16 AMM Channel Distribution
    Marketing Mix
    Marketing Philop
17 Home Science Elements of Design
    Food Standard and Laws new
    Organic Food
    The Family
18 Psychology Introduction to Psychology
    Organization of Nervous System
    The Functioning Brain
    Theories of learning
19 BMC 5W's and 1H
    Introduction to Communication
    Introduction to journalism
20 Hindi Aadikal Samanya Parichay
    Aadikalin Sahitya Paristhithiyan avam Pravritiyan
    Hindi Saahitya Aur Aambedana Ka Vikas
    Hindi Saahitya ka Itihaas -Bhaktikal
    Hindi Saahitya Ka Itihaas Lekhan kala ki Parampara
    Hindi Saahitya Ka Itihaas
21 Sociology Ananya Sociology 1
    Introduction Sociology
    Little Community
    Tribe Profile and Location

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